Hi, I'm Latraila Tolbert

I have worked in a corporate environment for the past 15 years with a very diverse background. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. My corporate job was purchased by another company, therefore opening my eyes to the reality that I needed to start looking for a new job. During my search for a new job I quickly realized that each job posting only had a portion of the things that I was passionate about.

It was important for me to figure out how to do the kind of work I love without sacrificing my happiness in the process.

After a few long nights Prodigy VA Solutions was born. From my home office in Atlanta, GA, I’m here when you begin to feel overwhelmed about administrative task piling up, need a hand managing projects and team.

I offer professional services to a variety of business owners who feel that time is running out. My sole purpose is to create space that allows you to continue growing your business by providing supportive, technical, and organizational help for your expanding business.

Let’s chat over some virtual tea!

Whatever our dreams, ideas or projects, we plant a seed, nurture it and then reap the fruits of our labor.” -Oprah Winfrey